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Depending on your product and settings, error reports can include data such as the type or severity of the problem, details of the software or hardware related to an error, contents of files you were using when an error occurred, and data about other software on your device. As an example, if you sync your Microsoft Edge reading list across devices, copies of the content you choose to save to your reading list will be sent to each synced device for later viewing. You sign into Rewards using your Microsoft account, and the program collects personal data including first name, last name, gamertag, and demographic information.

Privacy Statement

Купить кровать для девочки 12 лет

In the event of a conflict between a Microsoft privacy statement and the terms of any agreement s between a customer and Microsoft, the terms of those agreement s will control.

Signing into third-party products.

If you opt in to SwiftKey Cloud, we will collect your email address, basic demographic data, and data about the words and phrases you use to enable services such as personalization, prediction synchronization, and backup.

Купить кровать для девочки 12 лет

These third parties may place cookies on your computer and collect data about your online activities across websites or online services.

Microsoft doesn't use your individual recovery keys for any purpose. Your favorite places and search history will be included as search suggestions.

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Купить кровать для девочки 12 лет

During Windows setup, opting to Send full error and diagnostic reporting to Microsoft sets your Diagnostic and usage data setting to Full.

If you choose to use Windows Search to search the web, or get search suggestions with Windows Search or Cortana, your search results will be powered by Bing and we will use your search query as described in the section of this privacy statement.

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For example, people who know your display name, email address or phone number can use it to search for you on Skype and send you an invite to connect with them.

Summary If you have a technical or support question, please visit to learn more about Microsoft Support offerings. In such cases, these companies must abide by our data privacy and security requirements and are not allowed to use personal data they receive from us for any other purpose.